I Am Alive!

So I finally have a website to call my own!!

My website is: seraphirephotography.com

I got a few new pictures up too!

So check it out, and tell me what you think, both good and bad.



Stonebroke Scholars Podcast

The Stonebroke Scholars tell about great bargain movies that can be found at the five dollar bin at your local Walmart.

00:00 – 00:32: Introduction
00:33 – 02:32: Andre and Sin City
02:33 – 04:10: Quinton and The Bodyguard
04:11 – 05:22: Kim and The Last Unicorn
05:23 – 06:36: Karston and Airheads
06:37 – 06:55: Outro

Backyard Bumblings

So I decided to take some pictures in my backyard, to try and see what I could make into a (hopefully) good picture. Here are my results!

I would also like to note that my cat, though it seems unlikely to be noticed in the pictures, is a horrible model in that she didn’t seem to want her picture taken and kept moving around. I got her in the end though haha.

Okay I cheated a bit, yay for additional props!

Yes, my cat is fat. No judgement, haha.

Tip Your Server

Another interview, this time about the hardships servers go through while they are trying to just do their jobs.

Thoughts From a Student

Natalie discusses her thoughts with me about how foreign exchange students seem to be viewed, and how people should educate themselves about each other in order to help each other understand.

Also, assumptions are detrimental to everyone and as such should not be made in regards to anybody.

Edit: Hopefully I fixed the overpowering hum of the air conditioner. It sounds fine to me, but I may be choosing to be blindingly optimistic about this haha.

“We are the products of editing, rather than of authorship.”

Practicing with more editing. Also, Audacity is a great program when it isn’t being moody and trying to take ten years off my life.


This is the original audio of my interview with my friend Alyssa and her trip to Panama. Length is about six minutes.

Edited, cut down to about a minute and a half.

Hopefully it sounds decent to others anyway, haha.



Title quote: George Wald

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